Additions to the Horror Movie Tomb: October 4, 2005

To keep our readers updated on what horror films have been added to the Horror Movie Tomb - here's the latest listing of the last fifty films that have been added to our database. 
Currently, has 2,210 films listed (that's about as many times MacReady has seen "From Justin to Kelly") and new films are added weekly.  Out of the lastest listing of films that have been added..  here are some of the one's that interest the deadman (the most).
Dead Daughters
KM 31
The Heirloom
Incident at Blood Gorge
Terror Beneath the Sea
On a side note.. do you have a film that you would like to see added to our database?  Our we missing any?  Meh has a tendency to scribble all over our "To Be Added List", so if you have a film, make sure you send it in to the Cryptkeeper.

Horror Movie Tomb (The Last 50 Films) 

The House Where Evil Dwells
Dead Daughters
Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have The Key
Cold Blood
The Freakmaker
The Candy Snatchers
Zero Hour
KM 31
Horrors of War
Pinocchios Revenge
The Resurrected
Flesh for Frankenstein
Jack O Lantern
The Heirloom
A Real Friend
Xmas Tale
Incident at Blood Gorge
Desperate Souls
House of Voices
LovecraCKed! The Movie
The Video Dead
Quicksilver Highway
Frankenstein (2005)
The Ancient
The Hamiltons
I Was a Zombie for the FBI
Young Hannibal
The Janitor
The Innocents
The Doctor and the Devils
The Cabinet of Caligari
Ice From the Sun
Ice Queen
Pulse (1988)
Longhair of Death
Torture Garden
Guru the Mad Monk
Night Fangs
Amityville: It's About Time
Amityville: A New Generation
Ghost Watcher 2
The Flesh Eaters
Terror Beneath the Sea

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