Romero Speaks about Land of the Dead Sequel


Romero hasn't been talking much since Land of the Dead was released and we still have no idea how Universal felt about the less than stellar performance of the film. Recently Romero bowed out of the Masters of Horror series and it was recently announced that he was going to begin working on "From a Buick 8".

Well Bloody-Disgusting recently ran into him while he was out promoting the Land of the Dead DVD and he revealed some of his plans for a sequel:

"I'd like to wait until something else happens in the world to generate a new idea but with things the way they are now, it could be a dirty bomb and...that's all folks. But yes, my plan is for "Land of the Dead" to be the 4th of six films."

So it looks like we will be waiting again for another sequel. If you would like to read more of what Romero had to say you can check it out here.

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