Mick Garris To Release First Novel

Dave Dreher

Mick Garris has become one of the most important people in horror.  He seems to be everywhere these days and today brought news from Cemetery Dance that his first full length novel is about to be pressed.

Titled Development Hell and set for a release date of February 2006 the book will mark a first for the long time director of King related materials.

Here is the official synopsis:

Hollywood, California: the Bermuda Triangle of art, sex, and commerce. The beautiful people make their daily deals with the devil on the sun-dappled patio at the Ivy, not in a fiery underground cavern. Nobodies become somebodies in the blink of an eye, but the flash of heady success can be fleeting. The rocket that shoots you into the atmosphere can be carrying weapons of mass destruction that can send you just as quickly and efficiently to Hell.

And back to Heaven again.

DEVELOPMENT HELL is a wicked Hollywood satire, disguised as an extreme erotic horror novel. It is told knowingly from an inside perspective, tracking the career trajectory of a young film school hotshot into the annals of the Big Studio.

This arrogant young director leads us through his own set of unique experiences, starting with his explosive and disastrous first Hollywood movie; his discovery of a mutant baby in the arms of a Mexican news dealer in downtown Los Angeles that will be his ticket back to the top of the heap; into the arms of a re-animated glamorous star who died in the 1930s; and body-hopping through the most glamorous sheaths of human flesh on the planet.

It is a side of Hollywood rarely seen from beneath its unvarnished, Botox-free, crinkling, wrinkling flesh, and features a supporting cast of characters you will surely recognize.

DEVELOPMENT HELL welcomes you into a behind-the-scenes peek unlike any other you have witnessed before.

The novel is going to be released as a limited edition at a price of $40 and will feature cover art by Bernie Wrightson

For more information you can head on over to the official Cemetery Dance website.


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