Combs Talks Re-Animator Sequels


Jeffrey Combs is a cult icon among horror fans everywhere and now he is talking about returning to the films that we were first introduced to him. He got in touch with Fangoria and gave them the low down on what him and Brian Yuzna have been talking about lately:

“His notion is that we gear up and do three RE-ANIMATOR films in a short period, instead of just one film at a time with big stretches in between. Good idea I think, but we’ll have to see what the market/investment reaction will be. [Original director] Stuart Gordon might be involved as well for the first film of the three. We’ll see what AFM brings.”

I think if he does decide to do some Re-Animator films it would be a good idea to shoot them all together. He is not getting any younger. Hopefully they will time these perfectly though and not release them to close together. Let the films marinate a little.

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