A New Day For Miner

Dave Dreher

This remake has been rumored for quite some time now and Dread Central has learned that a director my be on the line.  I’m talking about the Day of the Dead remake and if the DC boys are accurate than this could the best possible news for this project.  They have learned that Steve Miner my be attaching himself to the film as director.

The rights to Day of the Dead have wound up in the hands of Taurus Entertainment who also hold the rights to Creepshow.  They have already filmed a sequel to Day and Creepshow 3 is in the works.  Next up may be this remake.  Unfortunately the response to the Day sequel has been less then stellar and as such I fear that fan response to a remake could be a bit cold but bringing on someone with the reputation of Steve Miner is a good move and could help give the project a much needed boost.

Dread is quick to point out that they have yet to confirm this info so take this for what it is, a rumor but lets hope it turns out to be fact.

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