Glenn Danzig talks GE ROUGE Movie

While talking to MTV about his upcoming CD "Black Aria 2" and his next (announced last) tour Glenn Danzig also talked about the upcoming movie adaptation of his 3 part comic "Ge Rouge", published by his very own company Verotik. He just finished the 3rd draft of the script for the film he also will direct.

The story of the Voodoo Zombie movie, which will be released by  Rainstorm Productions, is set in New Orleans at the turn of the 20th century and Danzig said that he plans to shoot part of the movie in the storm-ravaged city.

"We had scheduled at least seven to 10 days down there before this whole Hurricane Katrina thing happened. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The French Quarter is not underwater, and that's where I need to shoot. Everything else I can fake here in Hollywood. But you can't re-create those French Quarter houses. So we'll have to go down there to do that."

The film will tell the story of Papa John Carrefour, who believed he was the baddest Voodoo. But then a young Ge-Rouge came to town and started getting more and more attention. Papa John was jealous so he set up Ge Rouge to have him murdered and succeeded at giving him a swamp grave.

Years later a girl named Kulev finds the body of Ge Rouge and he is brought back to life. Just thinking about revenge, he makes Kulev his Voodoo Queen. Together they now want to kill Papa John Carrefour. But Papa John sends Zombies after the two to stop them....

To learn more about the upcoming CD, the new two-disc Danzig box and the 10-inch-tall Danzig doll, read the complete article here.

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