TV's Cold Case References Carpenter

Dave Dreher
The TV series Cold Case will be referencing John Carpenters classic Halloween this week when they air a show based around the film. has learned that Sunday nights episode will revolve around a murder committed by someone influenced by the film. Here is part of their report:

The story, entitled “Bad Night,” involves a killer influenced by the John Carpenter classic. States CBS of the show, “[Investigators] Lilly and Jeffries [Kathryn Morris and Thom Barry, pictured] re-open a 1978 murder of 21-year-old Angus after his mother finds a letter that suggests he was killed by someone he knew and was not a random victim of copycat killings inspired by the movie HALLOWEEN.

The show airs this Sunday night at 8 pm on CBS. The same time that Tom Sullivan will be making his West Wing appearance. Get the Tivo warmed up.
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