Evil Dead Regenerations Game Review


Our boy Dean Valent at Game-Reviews.ca had a chance to review the new Evil Dead game and his review isnt bad, nor is it really good. Here is a snip of what he had to say

Much like Sam Raimi's third Evil Dead film, Army of Darkness, like the Evil Dead games. Seen as a shorter, far worse thing than it should have been. Army of Darkness was seen as the worst in the series of films by the majority see but it tried new things, a different style, more slapstick comedy, and a strange idea of an Evil Ash...

So now that another Evil Dead game has made it's way onto the Xbox and PC, what has come from it? It's pretty good, still very flawed, but much better than those earlier attempts (Evil Dead A Fistful of Boomstick ffor example).

Regeneration opens up with Ash, in the Sunny Meadows Asylum, when of course those pesky Deadites manage to become unleashed by a crazy doctor...tsk tsk. So with his boomstick and half deadite friend Sam (yes, half deadite) Ash must make his way through the game causing general mayhem and killing a lot of varied monsters before stopping the insane Doctor Reinhard from unleashing Hell on Earth.

How will he do this though? For the first time in an Evil Dead game Ash is rescuing a busty damsel, Sally Bowline, who possesses another Doctor's diary, which is needed to unlock the secret required to open the destruction Dr. Reinhard wants.

So its story isn't up to much, but this game was designed for killing zombies and ghouls, with catchphrases and a new combo system in toll.

Read Dean's Entire review, right here

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