Skinwalkers Werewolves Going for a New Look


James Isaac's upcoming werewolf flick Skinwalkers is going to be getting a totally new look than what we are used to. John Rosengrant of Stan Winston Studios told SciFi Wire that they think the werewolf trainformation is old and they have a new spin on what there werewolf is going to look like.

"the werewolf transformation has been overplayed," he said. "We've seen all the long-snouted ones, and the great efforts by Rob Bottin [The Howling] and Rick Baker [Cursed, Wolf, An American Werewolf in London], so we're trying to show him get through in a different way."

Sounds like a good idea to me. I'm wondering if they are going to go back to the classic Universal Werewolf look? At least we'll be getting a new look and its great to see some guys who aren't playing it safe and taking a risk that might pay off.

Rosengrant also mentioned that filming will begin sometime next week. If you want to check out more from their interview check out SciFi Wire

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