Set Report from The Hills Have Eyes Remake


This is a remake that I think had to be done. I wasn't really a fan of the original film but I think now with more money, better special FX from KNB, and a better director this could be a really great movie.

Fangoria was able to get behind the scenes and talk to several of the producers and the director about "The Hills Have Eyes". The associate producer Cody Zwieg explains why they believe the remake was necessary:

“The original HILLS is a classic in its own way, but everybody involved would agree that it wasn’t necessarily a perfect movie. They shot it fast, they had no money, they made it as scary as possible with an incredibly original story, but they had their limitations. I believe we’re able to take it a step further, whether it’s with prosthetics, or visual effects, or expanding the story. When you look at something like that, why not try to update it, breathe new life into it?”

Nicely put if you ask me. You can catch "The Hills Have Eyes" remake in theatres on March 10th, 2006.

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