Contest Winners Announced From Issue 9!


Time to announce some of the winners from our recent contests. Make sure to keep an eye on your mailbox for the MovieFanatics Issue #10 and yes once again we are going to be launching another massive horde of contests! I think in usual HM fashion we have fallen a little behind on our 31 Days of Halloween Contest.. but no worries we'll be catching up with that soon.

  • Shallow Ground on DVD Winner:
    Chris Koontz
  • Toolbox Murders on DVD Winner:
    Ken Cenerelli
  • Dead Birds DVD Winner:
    Greg Wargo
  • Face on DVD:
    Lainie Piercy
  • Land of the Dead Prize Pack:
    Melanie Poulin
  • The Devils Rejects Dual Disc Soundtrack Winner:
    Zak Tatham

If you would like to win one of our contests all you have to do is register as a MovieFanatic. Contest winners will be chosen from those who are members of the MovieFanatics Newsletter, which is 100% free and takes 1 second to signup. All you need to do to signup for the MovieFanatics Newsletter is click here. Please, no AOL email accounts or earthnet with 'prove your a person' or we will remove you.

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