Avery talks Silent Hill and Uwe Boll


Silent Hill Movie Photo GalleryRecently Edge magazine caught up with Roger Avery about the Silent Hill movie and how the project came about. Luckily for us IGN took the time to transcribe the most important parts for us.

Avery is a pretty accomplished gamer according to the article and Avery says that the director Christophe Gans has in fact invested 50-100 hours to finish the Silent Hill games himself. Like DOOM is doing the first person view, Silent Hill is going to be a very quiet movie.

"In the script phase, we had long, long moments where seemingly nothing happens. It's all atmosphere – you're falling slowly into a world and experiencing it much like you would in the game."

Lastly he makes a comment that you just have to love:

"Maybe the question is: will Silent Hill make game designers more comfortable? Guys like Uwe Boll have done a lot of damage, and I don't know that one good game adaptation will undo all of it."

So I think this can put to rest all of you out there that are afraid it won't be truthful to its video game roots. These guys know what the gamers want to see and I think they have something up their sleeves to make this a great atmospheric horror flick to boot. Silent Hill will be hitting theatres on April 21st, 2006.

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