Dead Heat DVD Contest


What better way to start off a Monday, than with a contest... well how about 4 DVD contests?  I say.. "OH YEAH!! BRING THEM ON!"

Well, to continue on with HM's "31 Days of Halloween" we're reaching deep into our DVD vault to bring you a classic 80's horror/comedy film - "Dead Heat."

"While investigating some frightening crimes that lead a pharmaceutical company, officers Roger Mortis and his partner Doug Bigelow pay a visit to Dante Laboratories.

What they find shocks them and changes the course of their lives -- a high-tech "resurrection room" that has been churning out a weird band of recycled and indestructible criminals, and which eventually transforms Mortis into the undead!"

To win is easy.  We can just ask a stupid trivia question like what DVD musical does MacReady rub all over his body every morning while singing "It's Raining Men"... but that would be just wrong. 

So, to enter, all we ask is that you sign up for our Movie Fanatics Newsletter and your entered into our contests.  If you have already signed up for the Movie Fanatics Newsletter, then you do nothing at all.. your automatically entered. 

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Also, don't forget to check out our other contests. Remember this is the "31 Days of Halloween" contest. Every single day from now to Halloween we will have a contest for each day!

  1. Win Face on DVD
  2. Win High Tension on DVD
  3. Win Kolchak the Night Stalker DVD set
  4. Win Undead on DVD 
  5. Win Hide & Creep on DVD
  6. Win Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer on DVD
  7. Win They Feed on DVD
  8. Win Rotten Shaolin Zombies on DVD
  9. Win Frankenstein vs the Creature from Blood Cove on DVD
  10. Win Evil Dead 2 (Book of the Dead 2) on DVD
  11. Win Off the Beaten Path on DVD 
  12. Win Deat Heat on DVD
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