Intruder (Unrated Directors Cut) DVD Contest


Continuing on with our 5th contest of the day - "Intruder" by Scott Spiegel and starring Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi.

"It's 10 PM. The night before Walnut Lake's neighborhood supermarket closes its doors forever. The owners and night crew have a long shift ahead of them...longer than they think!

Ace check-out girl, Jennifer has a deranged ex-boyfriend who's fresh out of prison. When he appears outside, weird things start happening. The phone lines are cut, and the night crew starts by one in the most gruesome ways imaginable.

An ex-cop is trying to find out who the killer is and what possessed him to start the bloody rampage. But is it the ex-boyfriend or someone else?"

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Also, don't forget to check out our other contests. Remember this is the "31 Days of Halloween" contest. Every single day from now to Halloween we will have a contest for each day!

  1. Win Face on DVD
  2. Win High Tension on DVD
  3. Win Kolchak the Night Stalker DVD set
  4. Win Undead on DVD 
  5. Win Hide & Creep on DVD
  6. Win Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer on DVD
  7. Win They Feed on DVD
  8. Win Rotten Shaolin Zombies on DVD
  9. Win Frankenstein vs the Creature from Blood Cove on DVD
  10. Win Evil Dead 2 (Book of the Dead 2) on DVD
  11. Win Off the Beaten Path on DVD
  12. Win Deat Heat on DVD
  13. Win White Noise on DVD
  14. Win Nightmare City on DVD 
  15. Win Day of the Dead 2: Contagium on DVD
  16. Win The Echo on DVD
  17. Win 1 of 20 Autographed The Echo Postcards from ScreamFest LA 2005
  18. Win Unrated Land of the Dead on DVD
  19. Win When Puppets and Dolls Attack on DVD
  20. Win Decadent Evil on DVD
  21. Win Doll Graveyard on DVD
  22. Win Monsters Gone Wild on DVD
  23. Win Intruder (Unrated Directors Cut) on DVD
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