Tom Savini Set to Star in a New Horror Anthology?!?!


Fans of Tom Savini.. listen up!  Take what I'm about to say as a rumor (until we are able to verify).. but I thought fans of the "sex machine" would like to know that a scooper just emailed me some interesting "potential" info on (what may be) his next upcoming project.

I'm not going to be able to elaborate a whole heck of a lot.. but here's the hightlights:

  • Tom Savini is set to star in a film that features three short horror stories
  • The potential title of the film is BEDTIME STORIES
  • Directed by Ruben Rodriguez 
  • Paula Garces (Harold & Kumar go to White Castles) name has been attached to this film
  • Principal Photography is set to begin in March 2006
  • Cameos by Scream Queen Debbie Rochon, as well as a few other 80's actors

Like I said, we'll try to track down some more info (so take this as a rumor for now), but for Savini fans this should be a cool bit of news.. plus, I would just love to see Paula Garces on the big screen again.

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