Mary Lamberts Next Project


Mary Lambert is one of my favorite directors simply because of one film, Pet Sematary. So now that Fangoria has learned her next project I am very excited to see what this movie is going to be about. Luckily for us at the New York City Horror Film Festival Fangoria caught up with special makeup artist and festival programming director Anthony Pepe about his next FX project which happens to be The Attic directed by none other than Mary Lambert.

“It’s a ghost story about this girl who realizes there’s a spirit in this very nice house in the woods that her family has just moved into. The idea is that the girl is stuck in the house, because every time she tries to exit, she sees this ghost outside that’s practically a twin version of her, beckoning to her and trying to kill her, so she can’t set foot outside her home.

“Her parents start to get worried,” Pepe continues, “because she’s freaking out and won’t eat, and every time she looks out the window she sees the ghost staring at her. So the girl starts going mental. It’s a new take on the ghost-story situation of finding out who lived in the house before, and why the spirit looks like her.”

Sounds very interesting. Check out Fangorias article for more information about this project. We'll keep you posted as we learn more about the project.

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