Odd Lot to Bring More Horror to the Table


Now this is what I like to see.. more horror for the masses.

Varitey has reported that Odd Lot has planned to bring us 4 new horror films in 2006.  First off is THE HORROR CHRONICLES, which is a 3 film anthology - and these films are THE CREVICE (a supernatural thriller directed by 13 Ghosts writer, Neal Marshall), LIVING HELL (a sci-fi horror film) and BURIED ALIVE (directed by Art Monterastelli).

The fourth film in this grouping is titled UNDEAD AND ALIVE.  It's being said that this is a "zombie western comedy" and is written and directed by Glasgow Phillips.

All four of these films are scheduled to begin filming in the first half of 2006 and as soon as we hear more info, we'll let you know.  

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