Interview: Circling the Drain Director Speaks

Cereval sat down with us to talk about his upcoming indie flick and really lay out the groundwork on what his film is all about. For those of you who dont know this film is a zombie flick in the genre of Romeros fine work. So with no further fan fare lets get right to the nitty gritty and the interview.

Thanks for doing this interview with us, let me start off by asking the big questions, what is the film all about?

For nearly 2 years now, the general indie public has been in the dark about what CTD is about. in person, I usually explain things as thoroughly as possible, but it's hard without giving away crucial plot details. Circling The Drain is an EMT term for "waiting to die" or "on your way out." It's used in reference to individuals who, for one reason or another, are inevitiably going to die.

With the backdrop of George Romero's world where the dead walk, we follow three characters in their struggle to redeem themselves both physically (escaping the undead) and emotionally (character development). The story is in three parts (for each character) and told in a series of chapters that intertwine together in an attempt at a cohesive yet layered movie. Circling The Drain follows Drake (a drug-addled drifter), Sam (a repressed blind man), and Kayla (a beautiful liar).

Tell us in detail about the character in this film, and their roles.

Sam Rauschert is a blind man. He is extremely intelligent and amazingly independent considering his lack of sight. He lives a simple, rural life with his religious zealot mother. Though she loves him, her constant codling of him has become more crippling than his physical handicap. He feels that his life is beyond his control and longs for something different.

Drake Wexford lives with, and works for his brother Alex, a drug dealer. Drake has no responsibilities and spends his days in a narcotic induced coma. He has a sexy girlfriend, Natalie, who loves him, though it's questionable if she loves him or his access to drugs. He feels that his life is beyond his control and longs for something different.

Kayla Simms is a gorgeous young woman. Her beauty has always given her certain advantages. It also allows her certain advantages over the men in her life. Both Andy, and Rick love her completely though she still feels unsatisfied. She feels that her life is beyond her control and longs for something different.

The apocalypse; the dead have risen and have begun to feed on the living. We follow the separate journeys of Sam, Drake, and Kayla as their chaotic lives intertwine on the chaotic road to salvation. In this story of inevitability, duality, loneliness, love, and the meaning to a life spinning helplessly out of control, will they find salvation from the walking dead, and salvation from their wasted lives?

What films and actors have inspired you?

I draw from and am influenced by a lot of films and people. A few include Romero's dead trilogy, Fight Club, The Shining, Pet Sematary, Mallrats, Being John Malkovich, Hellraiser I-III and many more. As far as actors, there are plenty that I enjoy, but one that always kicks my ass is Gary Oldman.

Did you ever turn down a role or film opportunity?

I've never had a role or opportunity before I gave myself one with CTD.

Nothing beats, making your own opportunities in life. What was your first film or job in the film industry?

Circling The Drain

Starting to see a pattern. I always respect somebody who makes their own lot. Do you have an official fan site? Everything you ever wanted to know about me. From me. And by me.

What is your favorite film?

Dawn of the Dead

Good choice, also one of my all time favorites. When will the film Circling the Drain be finished, and what is its current status?

As of July 2004 , current status is stalemate. We've run out of money, steam, and locations. We need to regroup and possibly seek alternate financing.

Hopefully this interview will garner you even more interest. What other projects are you working on?

A few studio music projects.

What are your final thoughts on this film as a film overall, will it appeal to the audience?

I think this film will stand as a testament to what a few regular and inspired people can do if they really push themselves. We're a bunch of kids that just decided to make a movie.

Without any academic knowledge of the industry, we went at it DIY and punk rock style ... and thus far it's worked. It's obviously going to appeal to a niche audience off the bat, but hopefully it'll have a broader appeal if it turns out the way we intend (as a movie with zombies, not about them). We want the story

Is there anything you would like to add?

I and the DF crew would like to thank Movies Online for featuring us. It's still unreal that a project like this gets such coverage and exposure.

Thanks to the Internet, struggling indie filmmakers now have opportunties to get seen on something as crazy as a national level (and even crazier yet, global). Succeed or fail, the gratitude will never stop coming from me. Thanks for your interest in my movie.

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