Beach to Play With Dead Things


Awhlie back it was announced that Bob Clark would be directing his own remake of "Children Shoudn't Play With Dead Things". According to Icons of Fright, actor Adam Beach has been confirmed as the male lead.

Clark told IOF that he plans to contemporize his film while keeping the spirit of the original. This time around the film will follow a group of filmmakers out to shoot a mysterious mansion with a haunted past. Of course some wandering ghouls show up with some humor just for a twist.

“Other films have handled zombies with comedy before, but in those movies it’s the humans that are comedic in the way they react to the zombies. Well, we wanted a fresh approach, so in this one I want to show our ghouls living it up, doing the funny stuff while the people run around horrified! It’s going to be outrageous and frightening, but we’re also having fun with the genre. Think Monty Python with zombies!” says Clark.

Shooting will begin next year mostly in Vancouver. He also let IOF know that his classic film "Black Christmas" is up to be remade by Glen Morgan and James Wong. You can check out IOF for a complete interview with Bob Clark.

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