Deathship Leaves the Twilight Zone for the Big Screen


Hollywood Reporter has found out that Summit Entertainment and Mandalay Pictures have acquired the rights to Richard Matheson's "Deathship," a short story and also an episode on the "The Twilight Zone" 

It is being said the film will now be called "Countdown," and is being rewritten by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas from an original draft by Scott Burn and Stephen Gregg. 

Deathship was a great Twilight Zone episode and should make for a awesome movie (hopefully the suits will do it justice) and for those who may not be aware (or remember) what Deathship is about.. well no fear, the deadman is here.. read on:

"Picture of the spaceship E-89, cruising above the thirteenth planet of star system fifty-one, the year 1997. In a little while, supposedly, the ship will be landed and specimens taken: vegetable, mineral and, if any, animal. These will be brought back to overpopulated Earth, where technicians will evaluate them and, if everything is satisfactory, stamp their findings with the word 'inhabitable' and open up yet another planet for colonization. These are the things that are supposed to happen...

Picture of the crew of the spaceship E-89: Captain Ross, Lieutenant Mason, Lieutenant Carter. Three men who have just reached a place which is as far from home as they will ever be. Three men who in a matter of minutes will be plunged into the darkest nightmare reaches of the Twilight Zone."

When they land, Captain Ross and crew find a duplicate crashed spaceship, with an identical crew killed in the crash. After each member of the crew has hallucinations involving dead friends and relatives, they are convinced they are dead. Suddenly, they are back in space about to land.

"Picture of a man who will not see anything he does not choose to see - including his own death. A man of such indomitable will that even the two men beneath his command are not allowed to see the truth; which truth is, that they are no longer among the living, that the movements they make and the words they speak have all been made and spoken countless times before - and will be made and spoken countless times again, perhaps even unto eternity.

Picture of a latter-day Flying Dutchman, sailing into the Twilight Zone."

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