STORM: New Supernatural Thriller


When you hear about a storm, you usually want to run and hide... to get inside and protect yourself... but when I hear about this STORM, all I want to do is run to it.. and to get all I can from it.

STORM is a new supernatural/thriller straight out of Sweden and I have to say that this film looks incredible. The official synopsis of STORM goes like this:

"DD is young. Cool. Knows where it's at. Or. thought he did. He is completely unaware that a struggle between good and evil has begun in which he himself is the arena.

To get through it in one piece and alive DD must solve a riddle. A riddle whose solution will either destroy him or give him a new life."

Now click here to check out the trailer.  As of yet.. no word on when this film will hit the states.. but all I can say is that "it won't be quick enough."

And thanks to TwitchFilms for the initial tip onto this film.

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