Deadman's Toys - NECAs Cult Classic Series 4


Last week I posted news about NECA's "Cult Classic Series 3" (here) and now I have some early info on their upcoming release of "Cult Classic Series 4".

It is being said that in May 2006, we will see the release of "Cult Classics Series 4" and currently the line up is set to include:

  • Plaid Zombie from Dawn of the Dead
  • Bruce Campbell as Elvis from "Bubba Ho-Tep"
  • Classic Chucky from "Child's Play"

Also, two more Cult Classics Boxed sets are scheduled to accompany this series (and will also be released in 2006).  One will be based on Highlander for Cult Classics Series 3 and the other will be a Seed of Chucky boxed set for Series 4.

Wicked cool.

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