New Night of the Living Dead Remake in 3D


This news oddly enough comes to no surprise from me for two reasons. One it seems like Romeros classics have become almost mandatory when it comes to remaking them. Two I actually heard Sid Haig talking about making a 3D zombie movie. He didn't give away a name or any details so I just shrugged it off.

Now though thanks to Midnight Movies Entertainment and Lux Digital Pictures GmbH we will be getting a 3D zombie film. Jeff Broadstreet directed the film. Yes, in past tense because apparently this film somehow snuck by everyone and was shot last summer. The cast includes plenty of folks including as I said above Sid Haig as Gerald Tovar Jr. He will be a new character in the plot who is a mortician that holds a dark secret.

“We are re-imagining Romero’s film, but we are remaining faithful at the same time,” Broadstreet tells Fango. “Robert Valding wrote a very clever script, and we tried to comment on society now the way the 1968 film commented on its own time.”

Sounds like a good idea. At least they will try and update the film to todays standards. You can check the official website which includes a really great looking trailer. I guess my only gripe about the film is that Ben will be played by a white guy. Sounds kind of silly but that was the whole point of Romeros classic.


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