Reddick Discusses the Day of the Dead Remake


Steve Miner has been announced to direct the remake to George A. Romeros classic "Day of the Dead" from a script by Jeffrey Reddick. Today Reddick got in contact with Fangoria about the project and told them what he could about the film.

“I’m sworn to secrecy on specifics, but this won’t just be a rehash of an old film,” he continues. “I’m a huge fan of George Romero and I wouldn’t insult his work by just copying his movie with a WB-friendly cast. But I can tell you this: There will be a military facility with soldiers, scientists and civilians, there will be a Bub and yes, there will be blood—lots of it. Like the original, this DAY will be rated R.”

We can look at the bright side of this and at least know this will be a rated R film and not a soft teenage girls PG-13 film. We have seen way to many of them this year.

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