New Indie Horror Thriller - THE DREAMER


"When teenager Christy Dawson loses her father to a fatal car accident, she's surprised when she begins to have very realistic dreams about him. Little does she know this is only the beginning of her future as a Dreamer. 

Christy begins having dreams of a little boy on a nightly basis. Soon, she sees him in her waking state as well. When Christy arrives to school the one morning only to find out a murder has taken place.

With no one else to turn to, Christy seeks the help of Kyle Walker, a former friend and hockey player. Together they sneak into the school to get a closer look at the crime scene and in the process get caught by the Chief of Police.

After a Hockey Game, Christy and Kyle come across three more injured members of the team. One has already been killed, one is in critical condition and the other is badly bruised. Being found at two crime scenes, the Police arrest Kyle and hold him at the jail.

Christy’s abilities begin to advance when she starts intercepting memories of the young Boy. She soon discovers the truth and goes to Kyle who is the only person who will listen to her."

THE DREAMER is directed by Douglas Elford-Argent and is currently in post-production, with March 2006 scheduled as a release date. 

Thanks to Doug for the tip on this film.  

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