New Blade Has Been Chosen


A few months ago it was announced that Spike TV would be bring a new Blade TV series to the small screen. Well, to do that they had to choose a new Blade as Weseley Snipes has some trouble over playing the character before. Well that choice has been made and according to AICN it will be Kirk Jones aka "Sticky Fingaz".

The new series will follow Christa an ex military doctor who is looking for whoever is responsible for her twin brothers death. While searching she discovers a suave vampire by the name of Marcus. He is a very important man in the community which makes it dificult for Blade to just rush in and kill him. Well the vampire becomes infatuated with Christa and turns her into a vamp.

Well of course somehow Marcus is involved with the death of her brother. Rather than bringing back Whistler they have replaced him with a character named Shen. An Asian ironman that has a hobby of building crazy trinkets for Blade.

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