First Look at the Poster for Marebito


The boys over at has gotten the first exclusive look at the poster for the U.S. release of Takashi Shimuzu's MAREBITO.

(to view the full poster, click on the image)

Filmed in 8 days, MAREBITO tells the story of Masuoka, a freelance TV cameraman. Ever since shooting a gruesome suicide on film where the victim stares blindly at some invisible persecutor before skewering out his eyeball, he has become obsessed with stories of the DERO (Detrimental Robot) rumoured to prowl the subway passages spreading dread.

His quest leads him deep into the hidden catacombs lying deep beneath Tokyo, where he discovers a pale, feral young girl, blank-eyed and barely human in her movements. Taking her home to his dingy apartment, illuminated by the constant flicker of video monitors that deck his walls, he attempts to bring her back to the land of the living with his own blood, mindless of the effect another hungry mouth to feed at home will have on his life.

The film is scheduled for a limited release on December 9, 2005 and for those who want more info on MAREBITO, you can visit the films official site.

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