Freddy vs Jason 2 and Freddy vs Jason vs Ash News

Rumors have been flying all over about this film and now we finally have some concrete evidence that there will definetly be a sequel to the first Freddy vs Jason. As for adding Ash to the project we just have to hope that everything goes threw. Here is what Moviehole had to say:

Moviehole talked a New Line source today who said that there's actually a couple of ideas floating about for the highly-anticipated "Freddy vs.Jason" sequel. One idea is the much talked-about "Freddy vs.Jason vs.Ash" template - which apparently is a bit of a beast to organize because of the different parties involved - and the other is a direct sequel to the first film, picking up where Freddy and Jason left off.

We're told that "Blade" alumni Stephen Norrington is interested in directing the straight-sequel to "Freddy vs.Jason", which is being written by newcomer Adam MacQueen. Norrington was once linked to the first film.

The studio are apparently aiming for a Summer 2005 release for the sequel.

Source: Moviehole

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