Sin-Jin Smyth v2.0


Here we go.. are you ready for SIN-JIN SMYTH v2.0?

The official website for SIN-JIN SMYTH has been re-designed and is looking darker than ever (maybe because the site is mostly black), but the overall content looks to be about the same.

The site holds the usual bit of info: news, synopsis, concept art, storyboards, etc.. but fans of the film will definately need to check out the "discussion" link - it is there you can see some images from the film that you might not of seen yet.

For those who may not be familar with the film, the story for SIN-JIN SMYTH goes like this:

"Every Halloween at midnight, the devil simultaneously appears in two places, the high plains of India and...a quiet cemetery in Kansas.

On November 2nd 'The Day of the Dead' two Federal Marshals report to the town of Shin Bone, Kansas (moments before a tornado warning) to transport a prisoner with no past and no identity. He is known simply as...SIN-JIN SMYTH!"

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