First 8 mins of MAREBITO now Online


Over at IGN FilmForce they have posted the first the first 8 minutes of Takashi Shimizu's newest horror film MAREBITO.

So grab yourself a small bag of popcorn and click on the poster for MAREBITO to watch the first 8 mins of the film.  Hey!  Did anyone bring the "Mike & Ikes?"

The film follows Masuoka, a cameraman possessed by the craving to understand fear, as he wanders the Tokyo streets, a voyeur, hungrily looking for clues. Obsessing over the haunted expressions of the faces he has captured in his daily filming, in particular a man who committed a grisly suicide on the metro. He returns to the scene to better comprehend the dead man's reasoning.

Following his final gaze leads Masuoka to a door, an entry into a bizarre, cavernous underworld. Here among the ghosts and the subterranean robots called DEROs he finds a beautiful young girl chained to a rock. Saving her from her imprisonment he takes her home.

Watching her from his webcam at work each day, he begins to suspect there is something truly inhuman about this girl with sharp teeth and who walks on all fours. When he begins to uncover her horrifying secrets Masuoka realizes that he has found the key to gaining the terrible knowledge he so craves.

MAREBITO is scheduled for a limited theatrical release on December 9, 2005.

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