Fantastic Four Movie Updates & Dr. Doom

As you must know by now Jessica Alba  is Sue Storm in the upcoming Fantastic Four film which is get this, a comedy.

Avi Arad told Empire Online.

"It's funny, high adventure," he said, confirming rumours that that the Tim Story-directed movie will be primarily a comedy. "But you are going to tear up too. It's a bittersweet comedy."

Also since Dr. Doom is going to be in this film you gotta wonder how somebody that diabolical fits into a "comedy" Avi Arad says.

"Dr. Doom is going to be amazing,"

So long as its not "Incredible Hulk" amazing but more "Spiderman 2" amazing. I am on board. Not sure about the comedy angle, but who knows, it might work. The film begins shooting in Vancouver shortly!

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