This is more for our UK readers, as well as for those who may have a region free player.  Currently, we don't have much info (as far as DVD specs), but we can at least just sit back and look at the pretty pictures.

Anchor Bay UK has recently announced that on February 6, 2006 they will be releasing two DVDs that horror fans may enjoy - Dark Tales of Japan and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

As of yet, Anchor Bay UK has not released any of the DVD specs or extras, but as soon as they do, we'll be sure to let you know.

To view larger versions of the DVD artwork, just click on the images.

Dark Tales of Japan contains six Japanese horror films on one disc: "Do You Want To hear A Scary Story?", "The Spiderwoman", "Crevices", "The Sacrifice", "Blonde Kwaidan", and "Presentiment".  

Do You Want To hear A Scary Story?

A bus hurtles down a pitch-black road at midnight, stopping momentarily to pick up a solitary female passenger (Kayoko Shiraishi). She asks, "Want to hear a scary story?" and in hushed tones she begins her narrative of macabre tales...

The Spider Woman: Two magazine reporters pursue a story about a local legend of a Spider Woman.

Though the magazine's circulation has shot up 20% following their dramatic articles, they have yet to find a single shred of evidence backing up their stories.

Then they hear about a young girl who claims to have been attacked by the horrible monster.

Crevices:  Visiting the apartment of a missing friend, a young man is startled to find every crack and crevice of the apartment's interior sealed with red tape.

Upon reviewing computer and video files, it appears his friend suffered from some sort of mental breakdown wherein he was completely obsessed with the terror that someone was watching him.

But how could the friend have simply disappeared? As he and the apartment manager set out to remove the massive amount of red tape, very strange things begin to occur.

The Sacrifice: A young woman returns to her rural home from Tokyo to tend to her ailing mother. Once there, she realizes that her troubles with a co-worker stalker may have followed her to her family home.

Haunted by childhood memories and the growing fear of the obsessed co-worker, she wakes in the middle of the night and discovers a terrifying sight.

Blonde Kwaidan:  A Japanese businessman visiting Hollywood California seems obsessed with naturally blond Caucasian women. He gawks at them, reads romance tales about them, and dreams of them.

But when he suddenly encounters one in the wee hours at his Hollywood apartment, he's undoubtedly soon wishing for a woman like dear old mom.

The Presentiment:  After just committing the perfect embezzlement, a Japanese businessman boards the elevator to make his escape. Riding with him are three unusual passengers who increasingly display a deep knowledge about himself and what he has done. When the elevator suddenly breaks down, his real terror begins, with the strange company of folk inside the elevator and the police and rescue team outside.

In Elvira, Mistress of the Dark: Dreaming of financing her own show in Las Vegas, Elvira leaves glitzy Hollywood in her cool customised 'Macabremobile' to claim what she thought was an inheritance.

Instead all she finds is two drooling yokels, an overzealous morality brigade and a creepy great-uncle with more on his mind than long lost relatives.

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