The Unofficial Trailer for FEAST


What a better way to start your weekend off than checking out the "Unofficial Trailer" for John Gulager's (Project Greenlight) FEAST.

Thanks to D.C. (via Judah Friedlander's official site) we finally get to see this bad boy in motion and I have to say.. this film is a ROCKIN!

Man, I can't wait for January.. *chants* Wide Release.. Wide Release.. WIDE RELEASE!

To view the trailer, just click on the image above (then scroll down).  Also, for those you may not be familar with this film, you can catch up on your reading about FEAST here.

"On a snowy evening at a rural watering hole, a motley crew of bar patrons struggle to survive a hungry family of flying beasts set on consuming a human buffet."

FEAST is scheduled to be released in theaters on January 20, 2006. 

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