"Have you checked the children?" Sony now recently launched the official website for Simon West's updated remake of the 1979 classic WHEN A STRANGER CALLS. Outside of a nice flash intro, the site only offers a synopsis, "mini" gallery and the option to tell your own scary babysitting stories. You can visit the official for the film here.

A hundret miles away from a scene of a grizzly murder in small town America, Jill Johnson (Camilla Belle) settles in for a routine night of babysitting. With the children sound asleep and a beautiful home to explore, she locks the door and sets the alarm.

But when a series of eerie phone calls from a stranger insist that she should "check the children", Jill panics. Fear escalates to terror when she has the call traced. And what the police find turns the perfect babysitting job into a 16-year-old's worst nightmare.

WHEN A STRANGER CALLS is scheduled to be released into theaters on February 3, 2006.

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