New Indie Ghost Story - With You


I'm always game for a good "ghost story" and I recently got word on a new one that is currently making the rounds on the indie circuit, titled WITH YOU

Here's the synopsis of the film:

"Tired of the corporate grind, Jim Polk quits his “9-to-5" job and leaves the big city in search of a simpler life. Renting a modest farmhouse in the small town of Mt. Prospect, Jim quickly discovers that there’s more to this town, and his new home, than first meets the eye.

Jim’s bedroom overlooks Moloch Manor, a distant, decaying mansion that residents say is haunted. Local legend claims the spirit of Old Amon roams Moloch Manor’s grounds as well as Mt. Prospect itself.

Soon, sinister events begin to unfold, and ominous forces start to turn Jim’s life into a terrifying nightmare. Yet, unbeknownst to Jim, two unlikely men may hold the key to his survival. Can they save him from a certain demise?

WITH YOU is a classic ghost story set in a contemporary world."

Directed by Jason Christensen, WITH YOU is said to be a mixture of "Twilight Zone meets "Alfred Hitchcock" with a touch of "The Sixth Sense." 

Here's what Jason had to say about his film:

"I have spent two years making this movie and invested our savings into its Production.  I wrote, directed, produced and edited the movie (plus color correction, sound effects, Foley work, etc. as well). 

I worked to create the movie’s "scares" through subtlety and texture rather than overt visuals.  WITH YOU was shot in just nine days, with one camera and a mere $30,000!  Yet, I’ve been told that the finished product has the feel of a Hollywood production.

Recently, we had a screening in Chicago attended by roughly 400 people.  The audience's reaction was everything I could have hoped for (and more)!  Viewers  compared the overall feel of the movie to "The Twilight Zone" meets "Alfred  Hitchcock" with a touch of "The Sixth Sense." 

My goal from the beginning was to create a classical-styled ghost story for true horror fans, and provide an alternative to the predominant "slasher" films made today."

For more info on WITH YOU, you can visit the films official site here or cut to the chase and watch the trailer here

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