De Roche Talks about Storm Warning


Yesterday, Variety had reported that director Jamie Blanks (Urban Legend, Valentine) is set the helm a new film titled STORM WARNING, in which "the story centers on a couple whose boat outing goes awry when their engine fails and they wind up drifting into a mangrove swamp, where they presumably face bad weather and worse."

Now today, Fangoria has just released an article with the screenwriter (Everett De Roche) as he clues us in even more on what STORM WARNING is all about (can you say a horrific variation of Goldilocks and the Three Bears).

"A young Melbourne couple go out boating on Westernport Bay for the day, and they get lost in the upper region of mangrove swamps around French Island.

They set off on foot looking for a phone, and find an isolated farmhouse. They get inside and kind of help themselves; then the three owners come home from the pub, and they’re not happy. The bulk of the movie takes place during one night where they’re under siege trying to get out.”

Before I ship you off (for those who may want to read the rest of the article), I would like to add that De Roche compares the level of brutality to that of WOLF CREEK.  Cool.. looks like we have a wicked film here.. now to read the rest of the article, click here

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