Hilarious Posters for Scary Movie 4 are now Online


I know we really haven't covered this film much, but I ran across these 3 new posters for SCARY MOVIE 4 and I just had to share them with you.. they are AWESOME! Not much is known about the overall story (if there really is one) for this film, but from looking at these posters it's a safe bet that SCARY MOVIE 4 will spoof flicks like THE GRUDGE, WAR OF THE WORLDS, and SAW.

Directed by David Zucker and starring Anna Faris, Regina Hall, Carmen Electra, Leslie Nielsen, Simon Rex, Shaquille O'Neal, Dr. Phillip C. McGraw, Craig Bierko, and Chris Elliott. This film is scheduled to be released into theaters on April 14, 2006.. so till then we have these new posters to keep us company. For a larger view of each poster, just click on the images.

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