DVD Contest: When Puppets and Dolls Attack


Kim Estlund and Full Moon has hooked us up a great DVD to give-a-way, and what better way to "kick off" our new site design than with some "classic kills and wicked fun" with "When Puppets and Dolls Attack!"

"Step aside Chucky!  From the Masters at Full Moon Horror comes: When Puppets and Dolls Attack! A 3 hour jam packed compilation of Classic Kills, Mayham, Mischief, and Terror from the most Terrifying Puppets and Dolls ever created. 

"Yes! Your worst childhood nightmares has just come to life!  It's time to play!" To enter is easy.. just email us your name, age and address.  Thats it!  But just to let you know.. this contest won't last long.. you have until Monday morning (December 19, 2005)  to get your entry in.. so don't wait, and good luck to all those who enter.

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