Let Red Victoria Help You Write Your Next Horror Film


"Jim is a writer. He's been down on his luck lately as his emotional drama screenplays have not been selling. His agent convinces him against Jim's better judgement to write horror.

Reluctantly Jim begins to write, and one night while drinking and reciting Macbeth at midnight, unknowingly releases a muse to help him.

.... an undead entity named Victoria. 

With the voracity of Jason, and Freddie Kruger, and the class of Audrey Hepburn, Victoria begins to teach Jim about horror. But Jim is in for a surprise when he finds that her methods of teaching involve killing all those around him. Jim must now finish a horror script to Victoria's approval before all his friends and family are slaughtered."

Directed by Anthony Brownrigg (Freeborn), RED VICTORIA has all the elements of being a fan favorite.  By just watching the films "featurette" and "opening", I couldn't keep the smile off my face - this film looks great.  What I also like, is that Anthony seems to have a good mix of horror and comedy with RED VICTORIA and I was ticked to hear that it's currently in production.. I want to see it now!

HM readers.. do yourself a favor and take a few minutes and watch the two clips for this film (here) - you'll be glad you did... trust the deadman.

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