Contest: Dawn of the Dead Poster Winners!

Thanks to DJ for donating some posters to our Dawn of the Dead poster contest. The posters are limited edition Dawn of the Dead Premier posters. The contest was easy

This one is pretty easy. You don't have to go out and get me an arm and a leg or anything (unless you really want to). This time all you have to do is give us your most interesting zombie MOVIE fact and post it in this thread. Four winners will be chosen by the rest of the moviesonline staff so make sure its the best thing you got.

With that said the 3 winners we chose were

  • Living Legend
    Contest Answer: The Extras In Night Of The Living Dead Whom Played The Zombies Where Only Paid A Dollar Each And Got A T-Shirt Saying " I was A Zombie In Night Of The Living Dead"
  • 7oyBox
    Contest Answer: This may or may not be one, but it's just something I've noticed; early in Night of the Living Dead when Barbera and Ben are in the house alone, a light in the kitchen is turned on; while the light is supposed to be centrally in the ceiling of the kitchen, the light causes Barbara to cast three shadows, each in different directions.
  • JasonX:
    When they are breaking the first code on the security door to the Red Queens main room the security code ends up being: 12177
    12 being December
    12-17 being December 17th,
    12-17-7 and since there are 5 digits in this code it ends up being
    12-17-7|5| aka December 17th 1975 -- Milla's Birthday! (Same day as my brothers

Congrats to the 3 of them for being creative and having some great answers. If they do not respond to their notification of being 'winners' we will pick new ones. If you did not win, FEAR NOT! You can still enter two ongoing contests we have going.

Win dinner with George Romero or Win Dawn of the Dead on DVD

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