Tamara DVD Artwork


We have your first look at the artwork for TAMARA which is coming to DVD in January 31st 2006.

Update: The date of January 31st is not correct. As the editor of this site Deadmanwalkin has rightfully pointed out the movie is making a theatrical run and the dvd date has been pushed back to May/June. This information has been confirmed today with LionsGate.

Also be sure and watch for an exclusive clip from the film coming soon! Tamara hates her life. Her classmates think she's a freak, and the object of her infatuation, her English teacher, will never return her love.

In a state of desperation, Tamara invokes an ancient spell that promises to give her incredible beauty, the ability to make anyone fall in love with her, and the power to get rid of anyone who stands in her way.

For the spell to work, however, Tamara's blood must be used as the sacrifice.

Jenna Dewan stars as "Tamara", an unpopular high-school girl who is accidentally killed during a prank, and returns from the grave as a supernaturally endowed vixen to manipulate and murder her former tormentors.

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