Dungeons & Dragons 2 Movie

The Studio Hamburg fantasy adventure Dungeons & Dragons 2 has arrived in Vilnius Lithuania for shooting. Alot of people really did not like the first movie, but I actually thought it was not to bad. It was campy, but I enjoyed it. With that all said and done some uber genius decided that Paris Hilton should be in the sequel. I guess they figure they almost ruined the first one for everyone, why not try and destroy the sequel.

Paris Hilton herself told KCMO Radio in Kansas that she was going to considering a role in Dungeon & Dragons II. He apparently was so impressed with her job in 'House of Wax' he offered her a role in Dungeons & Dragons II. Paris is quotted as saying:

"Sounds like fun, I'll get dirty,"

I can think of another movie where Paris Hilton got dirty, but lets just not go there.

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