UPDATE!! Trailer to Tobe's Mortuary and Release Date


I know many of our HM readers have been reading our comments and following the news concerning Tobe Hoopers upcoming horror film - MORTUARY, and (after watching the trailer) I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but the international trailer for the film is finally working.

Also, the film will initally be getting a limited theatrical release on January 13, 2006 at six locations (all being in the Fresno, CA area).  At this time we do not know if MORTUARY will be getting a wider release, but as soon as we hear anything new, we'll let you know.

To visit the official site and to view the trailer.. just click on grandpa's diaper.

When the Fowler family moves to the small town of Arkham, Massachusetts, they plan on starting a new life.  Perhaps a strange choice seeing as that new life takes on the form of running the long abandonded Fowler Brothers Funeral Home. The locals fear the place, and there are whispers around town that the land the home lies on is haunted.

The Fowler family will soon discover that something lurks beneath Arkham. Something that raises rotten corpses from their long forgotten graves and feeds on death itself.

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