Top Horror Movies of 2005


Its easy to make a list and call it the top horror movies for 2005. The problem is its my opinion and its based entirely on what I have seen and my own tastes. Since the task of doing the Top 2005 list fell onto my shoulders un-expectedly I decided to make my list based on you the readers. So here are the Top Horror Movies for 2005 based on what was most popular on site.

  1. Land of the Dead
  2. Saw 2
  3. Doom
  4. Undead
  5. Three... Extremes
  6. Hatchet
  7. Marebito
  8. Boy Eats Girl
  9. All Souls Day
  10. HellBent

Its an interesting top list with alot of good titles, some titles I have not even seen yet and some I hope I never have to. Lets highlight now on some of the films on this list. This is a pretty interesting list. I tend to agree that Land of the Dead is VERY deserving of its #1 spot based on the competition not being on par with George Romero.

I can not even begin to tell you how long i have been waiting for Land of the Dead and when it finally came and actually hit theatres I was damn impressed. I will be the first to admit the story was weak and the script was a tad on the lame side but I just dont care.

The acting was very well done, the characters for the MOST part were well done and the movie had some great depth. This was by no means George Romero's finest work but it still is a great zombie movie that blows away any other zombie genre flick I have seen in a long time.It was a long time coming and even despite the fact it wasnt anywhere near as good as I had hoped, it was still a great movie!

Doom I have no idea how that one got on the list since that was easily the biggest bomb The Rock has ever done from the stand point of shit movies. I love the Rock and his films like The Rundown are great fun. I would rather stab myself in the testicle with a fork then watch Doom again.

The question you will find yourself asking is did the people who made this movie smoke a whole bunch of crack when they wrote it? How was this even close to being based on the very popular and insanely cool video game Doom. No more hell, now its some sort of super alien species. A super alien species that got wiped out.. yeah umm ok. They did however throw in a bunch of first person camera work to make you get sea sick and wish to god you had gone to see some other movie. Doom was the crappiest action flick of the year and even The Rock's great talents didnt salvage this stinker.

Undead was fun. For the budget and the fact it was a small film it had the potential to be a truly great movie. It had a unique premise, some great shooting and some good acting the problem is it had some WAY to over the top B.S. scenes where the main character thought he was "Neo" from the matrix. 

Example, rather then sticking your hand up and openingn the door in front of you, you would run across the room backward, backflip off hte wall and then open the door in mid-air. Cool, but also pointless and idiotic if your doing a zombie movie. Undead is fun but it could have kicked some serious ass.

I think that with a bit better direction the guys behind Undead will be bringing us some great work in future. For a first film it had some great potential but if movie 2 and 3 end up like Undead its time to call it quits. Remember its a zombie movie, not the Matrix. But even despite all my babbling I can see how it made the list and would say its a buy.

Everyone who saw Saw 2 said it was as good as the original so it seems that we have ourselves a pretty good Top 10 of 2005 list. I didnt go over every movie on the list I just rambled on about some of the ones I enjoyed and wanted to babble about.  What movies do you think were tops? Share your comments, share your views and most of all have one hell of a great new year!

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