House of the Dead 2 on Sci-Fi


Well we hav all been wondering WTF happened to "House of the Dead 2" and it seems we now know. Its going direct to cable, not even direct to dvd. It will air on Sci-fi Feb 11th. I honestly feel that this movie has the potential to be WAY better then the first one, but isnt that a given? Be sure and catch it on Sci-Fi and then share your reviews.

"House of the Dead 2", which stars Emmanuelle Vaugier,Ed Quinn,Sticky Fingaz and Sid Haig, was rated R by the MPAA for strong zombie violence/gore, language, nudity and brief sexuality. So i guess that some scenes might have been edited for the cable release.

Director Michael Hurst said, that we will see the Army infiltrating a college campus (filmed at East Los Angeles College in Monterey Park) which has been overrun by zombies, trying to find Patient X, the one person not infected. Actress Ellie Cornell returns from the original as Jordan Casper but now she is Corporal Casper, one of the military assigned to find this Patient X.

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