Deadman's Toys - The Bloody Showdown from The Devils Rejects


Why must we be teased.. WHY!

Due to be released in March 2006, NECA is set to unleash a new Devil's Reject 3-Pack, titled "The Bloody Showdown."  Here's what NECA had to say about this upcoming release (which I'm sure will be a hit with the fans).

"Capturing the look of the Devil's Rejects themselves during that final violent moments of the film, this set features a complete brand new Baby figure and new versions of Otis and Spaulding. This set may not make you want to tear up for the killers 3 as much as the movie does, but it definitely gives you the feeling that these guys are not having a really nice day." 

The above is the just released "box art" for the set (and for a larger view, click on the pic).  Looks cool, but I want up close and detailed pics of the figures.. and you can bet, once they hit the net, we'll have them here - so stay tuned. 

UPDATE:  Ask and you shall receive.  I found this image over at of what looks to be a teaser pic of the figures.. and as you can see (at the time) Baby wasnt fully finished - so hopefully NECA will soon be releasing some more official images from this line-up.

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