Horror in the South with Southern Gothic


I just received a press release about a new independent horror film titled SOUTHER GOTHIC which is a dark horror/thriller set in the South, and chronicles a man who must atone for a tragic mistake by saving a little girl from a band of ruthless, undead killers.

"Evoking such films as "28 Days Later" and "Blue Velvet." SOUTHERN GOTHIC is a dark action thriller with the hallmarks of great horror.  A supernatural battle between good and evil.  Thrilling twists and gripping suspense.  And a chance for redemption only to be found in the hearts of an innocent girl and her unexpected savior."

WOW.. 28 Days Later and Blue Velvet.. so I guess we'll have crazied, infected people running around with nitrous-oxide tanks, yelling for Pabst Blue Ribbon... if so.. THAT'LL BE GREAT!!  *takes a hit of nitrous-oxide*

By clicking on the image, you can visit the films official site.. but before you do that, be sure to finish reading the rest of the press release. *takes another hit of nitrous-oxide*

Kindred Media Group and Dewey Beach Films Announce Production of "Southern Gothic"Horror thriller slated for 2006 release

Kindred Media Group and Dewey Beach Films announced today that they will begin production of the independent feature film, "Southern Gothic", being filmed by Tasty Pixels, Inc., a production company out of Charlotte, NC. Dewey Beach Films will will provide completion financing to the film, and Kindred plans a theatrical release in Fall 2006.

Dani Englander, Jeffrey D. Erb, Joe Nicolo and Robert L. Robinson will Executive Produce, and Frank Vitolo will be the Producer, John Merrick is Co-Producer. Directing the film will be award-winning writer/director Mark Young, whose first feature, "Phreaker" is currently slated for a 2006 release by Kindred.

Casting began in December, and principal photography will take place February 2006 in Charlotte and Wilmington, NC.

Jeffrey D. Erb, President of Kindred Media Group said, "We’re excited to have the opportunity to produce ‘Southern Gothic’, as we have been keenly interested in Mark’s vision for the film since we first met him regarding the distribution of ‘Phreaker’."

Producer Frank Vitolo, whose has worked with some of the largest names in Hollywood, said, "I feel fortunate to be working with Mark Young, who is as talented, specific, and clear a director as any I have ever seen. Rarely do you find a director as prolific as mark. He’s a director on the riseā€¦this time next year everyone will know his name."

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