The Queen : New Zombie Novel


More zombie novel lovings for all you folks who can read. The latest zombie novel from Eric. Brown titles "The Queen". We also have a look at the very cool cover.

The Dead rule the world. Cunning and intelligent, they have hunted humanity to the edge of extinction and enslaved it. Humans are bred like cattle in unspeakable conditions in prison camps set up by the Dead to preserve their dwindling supply of living flesh to feed on.

No land is free of the Dead's rotting grasp. . . But on the waves of the ocean, one ship fights on for the future of the human race. On the run, stealing supplies from any port she can, the Queen and her crew struggle to survive until the day humanity can rise up in force and reclaim all that has been taken from them.

Click on the cover for more details on the book and as always feel free to leave your comments and send in your own horror literature news!

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