Vampires Attack Sweden in Frostbiten


A new trailer for the Swedish Vampire flick - FROSTBITEN is now online and over at the films official (English) site... so just click on the image to access the site and trailer.  I just watched it and I'm diggin the overall look and feel of the film - so get ready for a fun "vampire filled" ride - *wooden stakes.. check, holy water.. check, MacReady and Meh used for vampire fodder while I make my escape.. check.*

So be sure to take a look at the trailer and post your comments below - I want to know what you think.

Annika and Saga, a medical doctor and her 17 year old daughter, have just moved to Lapland as Annika is going to work at the hospital there.  The little town with its seemingly endless polar night appears to be just as boring as Saga thought it would be.

At her new school however, Saga quickly gets new friends through Vega, a red and black haired goth girl who acts as if she's known Saga for years...

But things are amiss in the biting winter cold:  Annika finds out there's something not right at the hospital, and the little community is struck by mysterious deaths and accidents.

There is something in the night...

And it will soon be very clear to everyone involved that when the world around you dissappears into a maelstorm of snow, ice and blood, the last thing you want to hear is that there's more than a month til dawn.

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