New Indie Zombie Film: My Dead Girlfriend


The upcoming independent zom/rom/com film - MY DEAD GIRLFRIEND has the makings of being something truely special.  Can you tell I dug the trailer?  Well, special could be an "over-statement", but this film does look like it'll give you a good laugh or two, as well as taking a "fresher" approach to the zombie genre.  Below is a quick and dirty overview of the films story that I was able to pull from the trailer:

"When boy meets girl... and boy accidentally kills girl... all hell is going to break loose.  From actor/director Brett Kelly comes a movie that tugs at your heart... AND EATS IT."

You can visit the films official site for (photos, trailer) here, and as of yet, no release date has been set for the DVD release, but we may be able to expect it sometime later this year.


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